20 November 2015:

iStock_000032464672_Medium-710x473The challenge of caring for a large number of refugees requires extra effort from society and charities all over Europe. The In Kind Direct International Network has made refugee aid an important focus of their current work. All network members are receiving additional products specifically for refugees. IKDI network members can help donor companies to make an effective and valuable contribution to this crisis, by distributing products efficiently through established channels, to where they are most needed.

All three network members offer their services to charities working with refugees. Charities are invited to make enquiries with In Kind Direct, Innatura and Don Solidaires.

London, November 2015

Robin Boles LVO, CEO, In Kind Direct
Dominique Besançon, Déléguée Générale, Dons Solidaires
Dr. Juliane Kronen, Chief Executive, Innatura